Premier Multifamily Developers, Builders, and Managers

What We Do

Our portfolio covers more than 26,000 units in luxury properties across the United States.

Since 1968, The Altman Companies has developed, constructed, acquired and managed over 26,000 multi-family homes in Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas and North Carolina.



As an industry leader in the design and development of trend-setting apartment homes for over 50 years, Altman Development’s professionals have an uncompromising commitment to create uniquely designed living environments for our residents, incorporating green considerations that contribute to savings for our residents, increasing returns for our investors, and contributing to our planet’s health.

We believe that each apartment home community should be designed, constructed and professionally managed to the specific needs of each submarket in which they are located. This site-specific process truly provides for an exceptional living experience for our residents, which results in higher occupancies, rents and premiums at our communities.

Site Selection

Top Down/Bottom Up – A defined selection matrix is utilized to select sites that meet specific investment criteria. A typical Altman site requires significant entitlement, engineering and design solutions which create value for our clients.


Altman employs exhaustive market and product research which identifies market risks and opportunities. Each competitive project is broken down by comparable location, project features, floor plans, finishes and services in order to accurately estimate rents. Detailed operating expense budgets are established utilizing on-site specific research and knowledge, and our diverse portfolio experience, which are all then incorporated into our underwriting.


Our unrelenting commitment to design excellence is reflected in our reputation for trendsetting designs over the past 50 years. It is our desire to provide our residents with a no-compromise living environment that truly sets an Altman Community standard resulting in a competitive edge over our competition.


Altman Builders was formed in order to execute the vision established during the design process through a handpicked team of dedicated professional construction managers, resulting in a project that is on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. Our Construction Team delivers a superior quality project on schedule and within budget.


Altman Management Company provides for implementation of a successful project through the lease up plan utilizing skilled, well trained professionals that execute the management and marketing plan. Management creates a superior image and reputation that maximizes revenue and creates long term value. This along with our unequaled commitment to providing personalized service and exceeding the expectations of our clients, gives our residents an exceptional living experience.

Exit Strategy

The synergy created through the vision of our unique designs, quality of the construction, and our commitment to providing our residents an exceptional living experience every day, provides a premium income stream, that together with careful marketing of the property optimizes the project’s ultimate sales value and investor’s return on the project.

We are the industry leader in the design and development of trend-setting apartment homes.




Altman Builders provides Construction Services for Altman Development Company and other Clients. Altman Construction works as an integral part of the Development Team, from conceptual phases of product development through construction completion.

Altman Builders has a diverse background and extensive experience in various construction building types such as garden style wood frame, low-rise tunnel form/non-load bearing masonry, mid-rise concrete frame/load bearing masonry and high-rise post tensioned superstructure; all with high level interior finishes. In addition to “ground up” projects, our project listings include minor and major renovations of existing occupied properties for all building types and include both interior and exterior renovation. Our Construction Services commence at product development inception and continue through completion of construction and the warranty period.

Altman Builders continuously exceeds the expectations of Owners and Developers by delivering superior projects on schedule and within budget.


Altman Builders Estimators, Engineers and LEED Certified Construction Managers provide our clients with a full array of due diligence services which include feasibility studies, site investigations, designs and systems evaluations, budgeting and estimating, design monitoring and budget control, value engineering, constructability reviews, permitting, schedule development, bidding and subcontractor selection.

Construction Management

Altman Builders Managers and Superintendents manage our client’s interests, acting as the Owner’s agent or an extension of the Owner’s key staff. This allows the Owner to focus on broader project dynamics while our team manages all the construction administrative details based on established goals and budgets. Our services include budget and schedule evaluations, value engineering, constructability reviews, developing cost effective bid packages, pre-qualifying subcontractors, awarding subcontracts, and monitoring and coordinating daily construction activities. In preparation for Owner/Tenant occupancy, our team manages all activities in a planned and systematic method to ensure that the highest level of quality assurance is achieved for the project.

General Contracting

Altman Builders Professionals provide general contracting services for those Owners who prefer this delivery approach when constructing a project. Our construction experience and knowledge of subcontractor markets allows us to be very competitive and cost effective. Once awarded the general contracting work, all trade subcontracts and/or purchase orders are issued expeditiously so that construction activities commence without delay and the project is completed within the Owner’s desired time frame. We work with all project team members to deliver a quality product. Although this construction approach requires less day to day involvement with the Owner as it’s assumed all the project’s design criteria has been established, AGC still views itself as an integral team member in ensuring that all the Owner’s objectives are met.

We exceed owner/developer expectations by delivering superior projects on schedule and within budget.



Altman Management Company provides property management services for a number of multi-family rental and communities for Altman-related entities and third-party clients, having served some of our clients for over 40 years.

AMC is a full-service, apartment management company offering integrated systems and flexible, high-quality performance. The AMC team compiles local market information and designs strategic marketing plans to effectively position each property.

Top performing on-site management and regional supervisory teams provide local expertise and are empowered to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations. A centralized accounting staff, utilizing state-of-the-art information technology systems, produce timely financial reports for our owner-clients.

Our portfolio consists of a diverse consortium of clients that include institutional investors, endowment funds, high net worth individuals and foreign investors. Altman is focused on always operating with the highest of integrity and hold the fiduciary relationships with our clients in the most uncompromising regard.


Altman Management Company is a full-service, apartment management company offering integrated systems and flexible, high-quality performance. The AMC team compiles local market information and designs strategic marketing plans to effectively position each property. Top performing on-site management and regional supervisory teams provide local expertise and are empowered to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations. A centralized accounting staff, utilizing state-of-the-art information technology systems, produces timely financial reports for our owner-clients.

1. Accounting Services

  • End-month delivery of complete financial reporting package
  • CFO available to owners and asset managers for questions
  • Payment of all invoices
  • Collection of receivables
  • Management of delinquents
  • Prepare operating and capital budgets
  • Review financial aspects including accounts payable, occupancy/rent roll, accounts receivable, actual financial condition and reporting

2. Corporate Support Services

  • Resident support & 24-hour emergency service
  • Preferred contractor/vendor list
  • Contractor procurement
  • Procurement of collections attorney
  • HUD compliance specialists
  • Assistance in procuring insurance
  • Assistance in local, state and federal regulations, code and policy compliance
  • Record storage
  • Notices/rules enforcement
  • Plan and direct capital improvement projects
  • Correspondence to residents and contractors/vendors

3. Personnel & Staffing

  • Review of current staff/placement if take-over applies
  • Provide experienced manager to oversee property
  • Regional Property Director to make regularly scheduled on-site visits
  • Provide comprehensive monthly property inspection
  • Locate, screen, hire, train and supervise on site staff
  • Coordinate and convey expectations to all on site vendors
  • Assist with review and interpretation of change in regulatory statutes
  • Oversee quality of work for selected contractors
  • Obtain bids and proposals for required projects
  • Oversee repairs and needed improvements

4. Online Service and Resident Portal

  • Online rent pay
  • Maintenance requests
  • Calendar of events
  • Resident link to entertainment
  • Connect to relevant social media

5. Hurricane Preparedness and Response

  • Distribute notices to all residents notifying them of impending severe weather
  • Arrange and coordinate contractors
  • Provide residents with pre-hurricane check list
  • Provide residents with post-hurricane check list

6. Distressed Property Services

  • Review of property and market
  • Property needs assessment
  • Review of resident profile
  • Compliance review and provide recommended plan of action
  • Create plan based on owner objectives and most cost-effective alternatives

Property Operations


Altman Management Company has an accomplished approach toward talent development, management, and sustainability. The Associate Development Department designs training programs that embrace the best in industry, optimum learning models, talent assessment, development strategies, expert outsourcing, learning interventions, systems proficiency, and technology training. Our Associate Development success is validated through internal promotions, stellar compliance ratings, and Associate education results that are significantly higher than industry benchmarks.

One of the most important factors related to high level property performance is training. Our online training partner is industry leader Gracehill. The software program utilized is VISION X. Altman Associates are assigned a rigorous curriculum, with benchmark passing scores established at 90% or above. Our curriculum is complimented by classroom training held in our exclusive learning facility, weekly internal and external virtual training, lecture attendance, and certification goals. Training programs include:

Proprietary Exceptional Living Experience Training
Management Training
Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant Law
Contemporary Leasing
Performance Plan Management System
Safety and Risk
Maintenance Training
Yardi Software Training
Ethics Training
Policy Compliance
Leadership Development
Financial Analysis Training
Shopping Reports, Evaluation Review, and Improvement Plan Monitoring

Talent Management initiatives are tailored to the Asset’s positioning in the market, the client’s business strategy, and supports all marketing initiatives to ensure expertise in associate application. By providing sequenced, structured support in each operational area – both in person and online – the Associate Development Department ensures Altman’s proven record of transforming viable properties into successful and sustainable assets.

We utilize Grace Hill for training needs, the industry’s leading online provider of state-of-the-art, interactive property management education. Training programs include:

Management training
Fair housing and preventative law
Leasing training
Safety and risk management
Maintenance training
Leadership development
Financial analysis training
Shopping report evaluations
Audit and Compliance Services

Our internal auditing department audits every asset annually for accuracy and legal compliance of all property and leasing paperwork. Audits are done on site to ensure that all financial information is correct and complete within the property management software system.


Altman Management Company has a progressive marketing and integrated business solutions department that provides agency-level marketing, graphic design and cost-effective leasing and operations technology. Our unique and synergistic approach to marketing allows us to deliver greater cost savings while maximizing efficiencies across multiple layers. Technology is a leading driver in the apartment industry today and is at the core of our marketing platform. Our integrated business solutions include but are not limited to:

  1. Property Management Software
  2. Resident Screening
  3. Renter’s Insurance
  4. Online Availability, Electronic Reservations & Online Leasing
  5. Revenue Management
  6. iPad Leasing

The Marketing department works hand-in-hand with various key support groups to ensure complete collaboration and goal achievement in all leasing and operational areas of the community. Extensive reporting is available and includes:

  1. Customized Reporting Packages
  2. Budgeting and Reforecasting
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Market Surveys
  5. Leasing Performance

The marketing team collaborates with regional and property teams to create and execute strategic marketing plans and effective advertising campaigns. In the ever-growing hyper-local environment, it is critical for each property to have a tailored approach that achieves the necessary objectives specific to the property, its unique audience and differentiates it from the competition. Altman Management’s corporate marketing support includes a wide range of marketing capabilities across multiple channels, including:

  1. Agency collaboration or in-house brand development – copywriting, branding, rebranding, logo design, promotional items
  2. Signage – permanent signage, monument signage, directional signage, banners, digital signage, etc.
  3. Websites
  4. Social media and content marketing
  5. Advertising campaigns
  6. Internet Listing Services (ILS)
  7. Sweepstakes and promotions
  8. Outreach marketing
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  10. Blogs
  11. Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click (SEM / PPC)
  12. Email marketing
  13. QR codes
  14. Video and photography
  15. Mobile solutions
  16. Location based marketing
  17. Ratings and reviews
  18. Collateral
  19. PR and media planning


Our on-site property service technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable in areas of asset preservation, expense control, emergency preparedness, safety and risk management.

Capital asset inspections are performed by a member of our corporate team as part of the annual budget process. Scopes of work are developed and proposals for repair are reviewed. Property inspections are performed on a monthly basis reporting on unit make-readies as well as key control, exterior building appearance and landscape maintenance.

The maintenance training and customer service programs ensure both asset preservation and customer satisfaction. Our teams actively participate in maintenance seminars to ensure they are continuously ahead of industry standards.


Altman Management Company views information systems as an integral component in our commitment to customer service with the MIS team readily available via phone or e-mail for troubleshooting. Substantial investments have been made in personnel and infrastructure allowing support staff to quickly identify problems and reduce downtime. The Altman MIS team offers a variety of applications that streamline reporting and increase property productivity. Altman currently utilizes Yardi Voyager as our property management software program. We use Yieldstar software for clients who wish to use a revenue management system. We offer a web-based property management system to provide clients with real time data.


Altman’s asset management team provides a broad range of services depending on clients’ goals for their investments. Our asset management team is skilled at strategically operating an asset to maximize the return on investment. Asset management services provided include:

Income and expense projections
Valuation analysis
Revenue management
Advising on asset repositioning
Broker selection and management Reviewing or creating property proforma Market data
Projecting market trends
Property tax evaluations
Cash balance projections
Underwriting potential acquisitions
Recommendations for potential dispositions
Capital expense evaluations and projections


  • Over 50 years property management experience of internally and third-party owned assets including lease-ups, stabilized, value add, income-restricted, mixed-use and fractured condos
  • Proven track record of property management services in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-west
  • Extensive experience through the full life cycle of multifamily communities, including due diligence for third parties, pre-development services, lease-up to stabilization on new construction, renovations, repositioning and through sale
  • Proven leader in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction through a service-oriented approach to property management, marketing and maintenance
  • Innovative marketing and training departments with conception to completion strategies of projects and hands-on associate trainings
  • Effectively maintained consortium of clients that include institutional investors, endowment funds, high net worth individuals and foreign investors with encouragement on frequent communication about targeted goals
  • We are focused on your asset in order to maximize the return on your investment through uncompromising integrity and attention to detail

We are a first-rate team of highly-experienced property management professionals.